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Castellón companies, Accesit Inclusivo and PaynoPain, specialists in developing online payment tools, have created the first secure online payment platform that adapts to the needs of “all people, regardless of disability”.

Our union has managed to create this “pioneering” product, called Acctua, which will not entail any type of additional cost for users because it will be integrated into the seller’s payment platform, the companies report in a statement.

This is an innovative technological advancement that seeks to promote financial inclusion and facilitate access to online services for “millions of people around the world.”

Acctua is “the first product of its kind that allows full payment to be made to people with disabilities, going further than any other similar product.”

«We have been able to provide a solution to an existing problem, since it will make it easier for people with disabilities to have total autonomy when making their purchases online. The accessibility of the system allows it to be interpretable by anyone regardless of their abilities, and its objective is that all users can access the same content under equal conditions. In addition, it helps people who are not digitally competent or older to carry out these operations with greater security,” explains the CEO of Accesit, Rafa Amorós.

Consequently, businesses utilising PaynoPain’s payment gateway, Paylands, can offer their products to individuals with “all types of disabilities”, alongside older patrons who encounter difficulties with emerging technologies.

Furthermore, it is an initiative with a focus on accessibility. The user interface has been designed to ensure that people with visual, hearing or motor disabilities can carry out transactions easily and safely.

«We have always believed that technology can be a powerful tool to create a more inclusive and equitable world. This collaboration with Accesit Inclusivo represents a significant milestone in our commitment to financial inclusion. “We are excited to be pioneers in creating an online payment platform that not only provides security and efficiency, but also offers an accessible experience for all people, regardless of their abilities or disabilities,” says the CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain , Jordi Nebot.