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In the interview on Cadena Ser, Javier Sales, COO of Accesit Inclusivo, explains why they created a web accessibility tool, Acctua, and how it works

How to improve web accessibility? How to ensure that older people can carry out procedures with their council from the internet? These were some of the questions that motivated the creation of Acctua, the Accesit Inclusivo tool designed to allow anyone with a disability, elderly or otherwise could navigate the Internet. This is how the director of operations of Accesit Inclusivo, Javier Sales, explained it on Radio Castellón Cadena Ser, “during the pandemic, when many procedures and functions were carried out electronically, we saw the need in this segment of the population who could not navigate and complete tasks online, such as a request at a City Council or pay a complaint, if it was not with the help of another person.”

Previously, various widgets or overlays existed to adjust contrast or change typography, but they didn’t offer solutions for all disabilities. For example, for a person with blindness or reduced mobility it does not facilitate web navigation. In contrast, Acctua is very easy to use because “once you enter the website, we do not modify it at all, we simply create a tab in which ‘Accessible mode’ appears and when you click on it, the drop-down menu is displayed with the different disabilities available, once marked the configuration is saved and you just have to enter the website and navigate,” says Sales.

In addition, Acctua goes one step further and makes payment gateways accessible. «Before now, users could fill their shopping baskets but were unable to complete the payment process. Now they can complete the entire procedure without needing outside help. Accesit Inclusivo is also currently working on an e-learning platform that is accessible to everyone.