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Accesit Inclusivo joins the Economia3 Business Club, one of the leading publications on economics and business in Spain. The magazine has a long history and an audience made up of professionals seeking information about the challenges facing the business world.

At Accesit Inclusivo “we are convinced that web accessibility is a fundamental right. An accessible website not only benefits people with disabilities, but also improves the user experience for everyone.”

Through this alliance with Economia3, the company aims to:

  • Promote inclusion: Raise awareness about the importance of web accessibility and the positive impact it has on society.
  • Foster collaboration: Connect with companies and organizations that share Accesit Inclusivo’s commitment to web accessibility to create a more inclusive digital ecosystem.

“We are confindent that this alliance with Economia3 will be a great opportunity to promote web accessibility in Spain and contribute to the construction of a fairer and more egalitarian digital society” explains Javier Sales, Operations Director of Accesit Inclusivo.

About Acctua

The Acctua tool offers a wide range of solutions so that companies, institutions and public organizations can guarantee the accessibility of their websites to all people, regardless of their abilities.