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The company Accesit Inclusivo will award two prizes to the most inclusive major and children’s monuments in the city of Burriana during the San José festivities that will be celebrated in the town from March 15 to 19. The company’s COO, Javier Sales, explained that “we want to recognize the monument that, with its work or design, encourages and promotes better universal accessibility. It is important that inclusion is promoted from all levels of society, which is why we also consider it a good idea that during the Burriana festivities, which have been requested to be declared of Regional Tourist Interest, such an important aspect is taken into account and that celebrations can reach everyone.”

The award will be presented along with the other categories awarded by the Burriana City Council and the Junta Local Fallera of the town and is intended to be the first of many editions. “We intend that the Fallas commissions take into account universal accessibility and inclusion when they think about the design of their monuments and for this to be reflected throughout the festival in general” Sales concludes.

For her part, the councilor of Fallas and president of the Junta Local Fallera, Paloma Boix, has thanked “the new initiative for that encourages the entire society to participate in a more inclusive way”, and has valued “the awards positively because they give visibility to an important part of Burriana society.”

About Accesit Inclusivo

Increasingly, public administrations and private companies that offer services to citizens have the obligation to offer information to all people without discrimination based on their conditions. Just in Spain there are more than a million people who are completely prevented from accessing Internet content and services. If we add those who have more or less serious difficulties due to their physical limitations or because of their age, the figure reaches 16 million, approximately 35% of the population.

Acctua is an online service that facilitates access to web content and services. It is an innovative solution capable of providing greater web accessibility and usability to all Internet users, regardless of their age or abilities. Thanks to its intelligent interface that speaks and listens, Acctua is able to adapt to the specific needs and abilities of each user, allowing different web browsing modalities ranging from totally blind people to those who only have brain activity.